New release version 3.5.0 - build 393

Please note that our support for Android 2.3.x and 4.0.x will cease in our next release. Users on those devices are few and far between and the cost to support those devices far exceeds any rewards.

We proudly present the first release of Enhanced SMS & Caller ID for 2017! In this release, we continued to squash bugs users like you have reported to us. Some of the bugs we tackled illustrated to us the unique ways our app is used. Nothing makes us happier than finding out that our application fills a need and is being used by thousands each day.

Aside from bug fixes, we added a couple of features many of you have requested over the last year. One small feature is the ability to backup and restore your user settings to Google Drive (e.g. the cloud). Enhanced SMS & Caller ID previously allowed you to backup and restore your settings, but the files were all stored locally on a device. Many of you reached out to us and asked us for the ability to save the settings in the cloud. As of today, you can backup to Google Drive.

Backing up your preferences to the cloud has never been easier!

Restoring your preferences is easy too!

For some of you, with multiple Google accounts on your device, you can configure Enhanced SMS & Caller ID to use a specific account when backing up and restoring your preferences. Information on that option can be found on this page.

As many of you already know, our application can start and stop based on the connection of bluetooth devices. Lots of you love this feature, but for many of you that utilize multiple Bluetooth devices in a day, there is an obvious limitation with this feature. With this release, you can now select which devices will trigger the starting and stoping of our application.

You can now easily start and stop the app when a specific Bluetooth device connects to the app!

In addition to the 2 features above, we also added Farsi and Vietnamese to languages our Babel feature supports. So now Enhanced SMS & Caller ID can detect Farsi and Vietnamese from incoming messages and automatically utilize the correct text-to-speech (TTS) engine to read the message out.

There were quite a few bug fixes this time around. We were notified of some Android 7.1.1 issues and we fixed them. Most of you are not shy about telling us when things break and for that we are very grateful! Most of the bug fixes are mentioned in our Changes page. If you encounter any more issues, then please continue doing what you have been doing and send us a message. We are very interested in improving our application with each release and want nothing more than for you to have a great app experience.

As always, the revision history for our application can be found on our Changes page. For the complete revision history, please go here.

If you are satisfied with our apps, we would greatly appreciate a 5 star review on the Play store and a little comment from you on what you like about the app. If you are not 100% satisfied, please contact us and tell us why. We do strive for your 100% satisfaction and will try to correct any issues you encounter. Please understand that it is difficult to respond bug reports in market reviews and it is much more effective to email us with your concerns.