Below you can find the change log for Enhanced SMS & Caller ID.

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Enhanced SMS & Caller ID + History

Version 3.8.1 - 30427

  • Car compatability FIXED!
  • Added back support for MMS & RCS messages
  • Fixed an issue with Voice reply conflicting with other messages.
  • Continued migrating code base to non-deprecated Android Framework APIs
  • Gmail support fixed (still awaiting approval from Google before it will work for all)

Version 3.8.0 - 30426

  • Fixed permissions issues (e.g. constant prompting of permissions related to mail apps and Bluetooth)
  • Removed support for K9/Kaiten mail (Kaiten is abandoned and K9 doesn't provide access to messages anymore)
  • Fixed an issue with how we request permissions for AquaMail
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate AquaMail notifications
  • Continued migrating code base to non-deprecated Android framework APIs

Version 3.7.1 - 30425

  • Voice Prompts / Voice Reply added back for SMS
  • Voice Prompts added back for other notification types
  • Other Apps list now includes all apps on device (not just sstem apps)
  • Updated audio routing (still a work in progress)
  • Updated components using deprecated Android APIs (also still a work in progress)

Version 3.7.0 - 30424

  • First release since 2018!
  • App is back in the store but not 100% functional

Version 3.5.8 - 406

  • Point users to the correct setting with regards to Gmail notifications
  • Fixed an issue for those running Nugget and lower with the "Start on Boot" option
  • Added a multi-contact picker for SMS & Call white/black lists
  • Fixed an issue with licensing on Android O and up
  • Minor bug fixes for issues reported to us

Version 3.5.7 - 404

  • Added a workaround for broken Gmail notifications functionality
  • Fixed logging (and ability to send the log)
  • Added the ability to block SMS messages by phrases
  • Minor bug fixes for issues reported to us

Version 3.5.6 - 401

  • Phrases with numbers greater than or equal to 5 digits long are now broken apart
  • Updated how messages with notification delays are handled
  • Minor bug fixes for issues reported to us

Version 3.5.5 - 400

  • Improved DND so that "Total Silence" is just that
  • Android 8 bug fix for caller ID

Version 3.5.4 - 399

  • Removed the Accessibility service on devices where the Notification listener is available (e.g. Android 18+).
  • Added a proper description for the Accessibility service on devices where it's used.
  • Updated the Babel language chooser to list languages alphabetically.

Version 3.5.3 - 397

  • Markedly improved voice recognition over Bluetooth!
  • Other various bug fixes to improve stability

Version 3.5.2 - 395

  • Fixed sporadic issues with Bluetooth and voice recognition where system volume would mute.
  • Other various bug fixes to improve stability!

Version 3.5.1 - 394

  • No longer support versions of Android lower than 4.0.4
  • Improved accessibility
  • Added Email "Escape Sequences" - text that act as termination sequences for email read outs
  • Fixed an issue with our notification listener that prevented it from capturing a notifications full text
  • Minor bug fixes to issues found in the crash reporter

Version 3.5.0 - 393

  • Babel language detection now supports Farsi and Vietnamese.
  • Preferences can now be backed up and restored from Google Drive.
  • Added the ability to select which bluetooth device can start / stop the app.
  • Updated the bundled Locale / Tasker plugin to utilize the latest Locale API.
  • Fixed an issue with the black / white listing of specific "Other Apps" messages where only certain messages would apply the black / white list.
  • Fixed issues with Android 7.1.x related to new platform changes.

Version 3.4.11 - 392

  • Fixed an issue where a wakelock was not being released properly. This caused battery drain in some instances.

Version 3.4.10 - 391

  • Fixed some issues that prevented some users from using the app.

Version 3.4.9 - 390

  • Fixed an issue where an error message prevented users from saving their preferences.
  • Minor tweaks (again) to voice recognition over bluetooth.

Version 3.4.8 - 389

  • Updated to properly support Android N (which requires a new permission).
  • Minor tweaks to voice recognition over bluetooth.

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