Enhanced SMS & Caller ID is an Android application that is used to have incoming caller information, SMS messages, new Gmail messages, new K9/Kaiten mail messages, new Aqua Mail messages, Google calendar events and just about anything read out to you, so that you can keep your hands free.

Additionally, you can also use this application to screen messages. For instance, you can screen incoming calls from unknown or private callers, as well as your contacts. Or you can whitelist or blacklist your email contacts.

We use the TTS (Text to Speech) functionality bundled with your Android phone. As such, please ensure that it is enabled and configured appropriately. This application does not provide voices for your phone and only uses the ones already available on your handset device.

Configuration for TTS can be found by opening up Enhanced SMS & Caller ID, choosing Other Options and selecting TTS Settings. You can download other voices to make the spoken notifications sound less robotic. For instructions on how to obtain other voices, please click here.


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