Application Settings

Auto Start

Enable this option to have our app automatically start when your device powers on.

Start with Headset

Enable this option to have the app start and stop when you connect or disconnect a Bluetooth headset.

This option only works with Bluetooth headsets! Wired headsets in Android cannot be supported at this time.


When Start with Headset is enabled, you can pick what devices will start or stop our app. You can choose all devices or just some specific ones. Selecting none is the same as selecting all devices.

Headset Volume Stream

 Select between using the media or in-call volume level when announcing notifications through your headset.

Screen off Only

Enable this option to have messages ignored while the screen is on.

Voice Recognition Options

No Bluetooth Mic

 When this option is enabled, your bluetooth mic will not be used.


 When this option is enabled, audible queues provided by the recognition engine will not be suppressed.



 This setting allows you to select a specific voice engine that should be used for specific contacts. If you device has a default language of English, but you have other non-English voice engines installed, you can override which engine is loaded when messages are received from specific contacts.

Enable language detection

 Enable this setting to automatically attempt to load the correct text to speech engine voice. If you have multiple voice engines installed for different languages and you regularly receive messages in other languages, then this setting will help make sure that messages in English are spoken with an English voice while messages in other languages, like German, are spoken with a German voice.

This feature will cause a delay in speech output as the message has to be processed!

Preferred Engine

This setting allows you to select the preferred text to speech voice engine for any particular language. This setting is useful in those situations where you have default voice from one provider and would like to use an alternative engine for another language.


Ignore Headset

 If you wear a headset and don't want the app to use it, then select this option.

Dual Speak

Enable this option to have the voice notifications streamed through both your headset and your phone.

This option does not work for all devices.

Car Compatibility

Enable this option for greater compatibility with in-car Bluetooth. This option may have undesirable consequences with normal in-ear Bluetooth devices and may not work for everyone.


Select the volume level the option above should use when announcing messages through the in-car Bluetooth.

Wired Headset

Dual Speak

    Enable this option to have the voice notifications streamed through both your headset and your phone.

This option does not work for all devices.

Look & Feel

Show icon

 Enable this option to show our apps icon in your status bar. Disable it and the icon will disappear.

On Android 4.3 and higher, you cannot hide the icon completely with this option, since Android requires all background services to display an icon. The icon will still be shown but with a low priority. However, if you long click on the notification, click on "App Info" and uncheck the checkbox that says "Show notifications", you can disable our apps notifications.


 Select the icon to use for the setting above.

Use different language

 If you would like to have the app's menu display in a different language, then enable this option. Otherwise, the application will use the device's default language for its menu.


 Choose the language that you would like to use with the above setting.

Phone Dock Settings

Only use dock speaker

    Enable this option to have notifications streamed through the dock speaker, regardless if a Bluetooth headset is connected.

Quiet Time

Quiet Time

Enable this option to have the app ignore messages for a repeated interval of time.

Quiet Time Interval

 Choose the time interval that notifications should be ignored.

Other Options

Google Drive


Use this option to select which of your Google Accounts you would like to use for Cloud backup and restore of your preferences.

Always use Media Audio

 Enable this option to have the app exclusively use the media audio volume stream.

TTS Settings

 This is a shortcut to your systems text to speech settings.

Update Translation

 If you would like to update translations, please send me a message and I will get back to you.


A2DP Test

Simple little test to see if your headset is A2DP compatible.

Enable Logger

Enable this option to turn on the application logging. Only messages from the application are logged.

Email Log

 With this option, you can email the above log to us if you need support. When prompted, please make sure to enter enough details for us to understand what it is you need help with.

Enable Crash Reporter

 Enable this option to have the application automatically send crash reports to us. This helps us make the application stable across all devices running our application. No personally identifying information is transmitted and we respect your privacy.