New Release - Version 2.9.0 - build 313

NOTE: Some users have reported that after updating the application to this version, they are receiving an unlicensed message. A uninstall, followed by a reboot and a reinstall have solved their problems. Make sure to backup your settings beforehand so you can restore them afterwards. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Android 5.0 was recently released and some things in our application needed fixing so that you could continue to use and enjoy our application. This release of Enhanced SMS & Caller ID is mainly for those lucky enough to be running Android Lollipop.

For those looking for new features, you will be disappointed with this release, but we assure you that our next one will have something new! We were hard at work on some cool and exciting features but when Android 5.0 rolled out to our test devices, we had to make sure that our application worked for those currently receiving the upgrade. Now that we have finished with our compatibility updates, we can continue working on new things!

As always, the revision history for our application can be found on our Changes page. For the complete revision history, please go here.

If you are satisfied with our apps, we would greatly appreciate a 5 star review on the Play store and a little comment from you on what you like about the app. If you are not 100% satisfied, please contact us and tell us why. We do strive for your 100% satisfaction and will try to correct any issues you encounter. If need be, we will gladly issue a refund. The only way we can improve is through the feedback you send us (through email and Google plus; comments left as reviews through the Google Play store are difficult to follow up on).