New Release - Version 3.3.0 - build 352

Update: We have fixed an issue with widgets and other interface elements not working properly.
We have fixed an issue with the app not loading when freshly installed on devices running Android 6.0+.

Version 3.3.0 of Enhanced SMS & Caller ID brings about a bit of change. With previous versions of the application, we were not keeping up with changes and updates to third party libraries we are using. By not doing so, we were not taking advantage of bug fixes, security patches, etc in software we use underneath the hood of our application. One big change in Android 5 was Material Design. Yet another item we did not keep up with.

When we started updating the internal libraries that we used, our hand was forced and we also had to apply a Material design. Some of the internals in our app required the most recent versions of tools required to build and package Android applications. The most recent versions of tools were not compatible with how our previous user interface was created.

eCID got a makeover!

For those of you that have talked to me over the years, you are probably well aware that style is not my strong suite. Making a robust application that works across 11,000 different devices reliably and consistently is something that I can do. Making it look good ... well not so much. Having said that, if you do not like the color scheme, don't rush out and give a negative review. Instead, contact me and let me know what you don't like and how you think it could be fixed. This application is an evolving piece of software and is not close to being finished. My roadmap includes many new and exciting features and the only limiting factor is the amount of time I have each day to work on it.

As always, the revision history for our application can be found on our Changes page. For the complete revision history, please go here.

If you are satisfied with our apps, we would greatly appreciate a 5 star review on the Play store and a little comment from you on what you like about the app. If you are not 100% satisfied, please contact us and tell us why. We do strive for your 100% satisfaction and will try to correct any issues you encounter. If need be, we will gladly issue a refund. The only way we can improve is through the feedback you send us (through email and Google plus. Comments left as reviews through the Google Play store are difficult to follow up on and are discouraged).

For those of you that cannot genuinely afford this application, please don't look for a pirated copy. Given what eCID can do on a device (with respect to permsissions and capabilities), you are opening your device up to potential security threats by downloading unauthorized copies. Additionally, these unauthorized versions rarely work properly. Contact us instead and we will try to provide you with redeemable Play store coupon codes for our application. Obviously, quantities are limited but each calendar quarter affords us a new allocation of codes we can provide.