New Release v3.7.1-30425

Excited to announce that we made more progress on restoring app functionality! Now that we have gained approval for sending SMS messages, Voice Reply is back! In addition, we gained approval for querying your devices installed apps, so now our "Other Apps" notification reader allows you to select from the full app list.

We are still working on improving a number of things still. Our "Car Compatibility" option still needs some work. I discovered that some of the mail apps we previously supported no longer work (will remove them from our app). There will be another release fairly shortly with some more improvements. The big hurdle was waiting for this version to be approved by Google. Now that it has been, the compliance bit should hopefully no longer be an issue and as a result, faster updates should end up in your hands.

Admittedly, this version isn't flawless. Definitely appreciate everyone one of you. Thanks for all the support.