New release version 3.3.4 - build 364

Version 3.3.4 of Enhanced SMS & Caller ID brings a few additions and many bug fixes. For those that use our application to read out notifications for other applications, we updated how duplicates are handled in our application. We used to filter duplicate notifications by default but we have since decided that this behaviour should be configurable. So starting in this version of the application, you can choose to have our app detect and filter duplicates ... or not! We realize that our filter may not be perfect, but we are ready to improve it if you contact us with any concerns that you might have.

Duplicates are not filtered by default anymore! It is a configurable option now.

There were quite a few bug fixes this time around. Most of you are not shy about telling us when things break and for that we are very grateful! Most of the bug fixes are mentioned in our Changes page. We found a number of issues that affected battery life and data consumption and tried our best to address them. If you encounter any more issues, then please continue doing what you have been doing and send us a message.

As always, the revision history for our application can be found on our Changes page. For the complete revision history, please go here.

If you are satisfied with our apps, we would greatly appreciate a 5 star review on the Play store and a little comment from you on what you like about the app. If you are not 100% satisfied, please contact us and tell us why. We do strive for your 100% satisfaction and will try to correct any issues you encounter. Please understand that it is difficult to respond bug reports in market reviews and it is much more effective to email us with your concerns.