Text 2 Email

Use Text 2 Email to automatically have your incoming SMS / MMS messages forwarded to your Gmail addresses as they arrive!

Text 2 Email is a rule-based engine that allows you to easily decide which SMS / MMS messages get forwarded to your mail.

Some of the benefits of Text 2 Email are:

  • Helps you to easily backup your received SMS / MMS messages,
  • Route incoming SMS / MMS messages to your different email accounts based on the sender of the message,
  • Forward incoming SMS / MMS messages to multiple different email accounts,
  • Easily blacklist (e.g. exclude) certain SMS / MMS messages from being processed,
  • Easily whitelist (e.g. exclusively process) certain SMS / MMS messages, and
  • Much, much more!

Set up for Text 2 Email is easy! Just make sure that your Gmail account has IMAP enabled and

  • Select and enable the Gmail account from within Text 2 Email,
  • Optionally include any rules for message processing,
  • Turn on our service (e.g. check the checkbox) and your done!

Some apps that email each text, require you to enter your email address and password. That is a security risk. Do not give out your password to anyone! Text 2 Email does NOT require you to enter your email address and password, so your privacy is maintained.

Text 2 Email does NOT delete or modify any of your text messages.

This app is compatible with all third party SMS / MMS clients like Go SMS and Handcent as long as you configure them appropriately (e.g. configure them to not disable other SMS / MMS apps).

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