Talking SMS Reader

Talking SMS Reader is used to read your new messages to you when you feel like hearing them!

  • Efficiently fetches all of your unread SMS & MMS messages and reads them to you.
  • Easily configure what to read, like sender name, name and message.
  • English / Spanish / Czech / German / Swedish / Russian / Italian / Polish / Hungarian localization.
  • Use volume keys to navigate through the messages.
  • Shake to stop reading and exit application.
  • Delete messages as you hear them.
  • Can automatically detect the language of the message and load the corresponding Speech synthesis voice (if a voice exists for that language).
  • Mark messages as read as you hear them.
  • Reply to messages (either by typing or with your voice).
  • Optionally ignore messages from those not in your contacts.
  • Easily filter messages from your contacts.
  • Shortcut included to allow you to hear your messages anytime simply by pressing a button!
  • Easily configure the spoken messages.
  • Easily map acronyms to their longer meanings (i.e. 'ttyl' can be mapped to 'Talk to you later', etc).

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