Talking Dog Reader

Listen to your unread email messages using K9 or Kaiten mail and keep your hands free!

Talking Dog Reader can be used to have your new unread K9 / Kaiten mail messages read aloud to you. Listen to your messages while keeping your hands free.

What can the Talking Dog Reader do?

  • Efficiently reads out your unread messages as they arrive in your inbox.
  • Easily configure what to read, like sender name, or brief overview.
  • Easily customize the message that you hear.
  • Easily map abbreviated words to their longer meanings for quick substitution during message playback.
  • Can be used to listen to new messages from AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail and many other email providers!
  • Streams through A2DP compatible bluetooth headsets!
  • English / Spanish / Czech / German / Swedish / Russian / Italian / Polish / Hungarian localization.
  • Can be used to listen to new messages from AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail and many other email providers!

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