Locale TTS (Text to speech) + Plugin

The Locale TTS (Text to speech) + settings plug-in enables you to have customized messages read out aloud whenever a condition is triggered on your Android device.

This lightweight Locale TTS+ settings plug-in will allow you to automatically have messages read out, using the text to speech functionality bundled in Android, whenever the condition is right.

For instance, imagine you wanted to know when conditions where triggered. With this Locale plug-in, you will now be notified with any custom message you choose. We dont stop there! For those of you with multiple text to speech voices installed on your device, this plug-in allows you to decide which voice to use on a per settings basis! The possibilities are endless!

TTS+ Plug-in uses the Text-to-speech functionality of your android phone to speak to you so make sure to enable and set that up first! TTS+ Plug-in also uses the voices that are built into your Android phone. If you want more voices, they are available for download on the market and are most likely compatible with this app.

Note that this is a plug-in for Locale and requires that you have Locale installed. Locale is sold separately by two forty four a.m. LLC.

This Locale TTS+ Plug-in should also be compatible with Tasker (which is sold separately by CRAFTY APPS).

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