Enhanced Caller ID

Enhanced Caller ID is a lightweight talking caller id / voice notification app for your incoming calls.

Caller ID Through Bluetooth:
You **WILL** need to Enable "Disable Ringer" underCaller ID Options > A2DP options.
This may not work for all headset/handset combinations. Currently, this feature works mainly on Nexus devices.

  • Talking caller id (once or loop).
  • Can be configured to reads the incoming callers name, nickname or number. Name/Nickname feature requires the caller be a saved Google contact.
  • Obeys your ringer settings! Silent ringer disables voice notifications. Ignoring an incoming call also disables the voice notifications.
  • Caller ID notifications over call waiting.
  • Screen unknown and/or private callers. Unknown callers are those callers not in your contacts, while private callers are callers that block their phone numbers.
  • Automatically looks up names for unknown caller (non-blocked) callers (More information below!).
  • English / Spanish / Czech / German / Swedish / Russian / Italian / Polish / Hungarian localization.
  • Can start on phone power on.
  • Can be configured to silence incoming calls when the phone is placed face down!
  • Shake to silence talking caller ID (and optionally ringer) when you are not using a headset.
  • Toggle voice notifications on a per contact basis (and optionally mute the ringer).
  • Streams through a wired or (most) wireless headset (Bluetooth headsets require A2DP compatibility, other bluetooth headsets will not work).
  • Quiet time feature! Set a time interval where the phone should not provide spoken notifications.
  • Lots of other configuration options for you to play with.

The new feature for looking up unknown caller names and reading them out, works even if the caller is not in your phones' address book! The only prerequisite is that the call is coming from a listed phone number. If you notice any problems, do not hesitate to send us the problem phone number so we can improve this feature. Upon successful lookup, we will post a notification to the status bar to help you easily create a contact for that particular caller.

This feature is currently available in the USA, Canada, Italy, Argentina, Germany, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Finland, Switzerland, and Denmark. Contact us if your country is missing from this list and to see if we can add support for your country!

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