On my Samsung device, messages are not announced!

For those of you running Samsung devices and having problems with messages not being announced in a timely manner, please check that your devices power management settings are not too restrictive. Keep in mind, that we dont have any Samsung hardware (we test on Pixel / Nexus devices), so you might have to dig around your device settings to find the particular ones that we are referring to.

In your settings, find Battery >> More >> Optimize Battery Usage >> All apps and then find our App in the list. Once you find it, click Disable.

If that didn't work, please try the following:

(Android 5.*) Apps >> Smart Manager >> Battery >> App optimization >> Find our app in the list and Disable battery optimization.

(Android 6.0 and later) Settings >> Smart Manager >> Battery >> Select Detail in the App power saving section >> Scroll down and find our app then >> Select Turn off

Thanks to Rick Cox for sending this our way!