Please don't pirate this application. There are a lot of bad people out there trying to steal your information and by installing pirated Android applications, you are making it easy.

For instance, this application requests permissions to read your account information, your contact information and to use the internet. 

When you download the application from the Google Play store, you know that these permissions are strictly used to read your contacts names for Caller ID & SMS messages, to access your AquaMail, Gmail & K9 mail, and to read your calendar. 

When you download pirated copies of the app, those permissions can be used to send your information, as well as your contacts information, to third parties without you knowing it. Additionally, anything that you do on your phone can also be sent to a third party. Facebook passwords, Twitter account information, Email passwords, Banking passwords, etc, are all at risk when you download and install applications from pirate sites.

Aside from this, the apps may not even work exactly as they are meant to since they have been modified by a third party. You may see force closes or your phone may become unstable. 

I have had numerous users contact me claiming that our app had deleted their contacts or sent strange emails (oddly enough in a language I don't even speak ...) to their contacts. After some digging, it turns out that they all were running pirated copies of the application. 

For more information on this topic, view this post we wrote blog posting.

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Please don't expect me to help you when you pirate my applications.