How to create a bug report

On Android version 4.1.2 or higher, you can now generate bug reports and send them directly to developers. This is ideal for helping resolve bugs and crashes quickly and efficiently.

If you've encountered a bug or crash in any of our apps, please follow these steps to send us a report:

  • Reproduce the issue in our app
  • Open your device's Settings
  • Go to Developer Options
  • Tap Take Bug Report at the top,
    If this option is greyed out, then enable USB Debugging:
    Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging
  • Wait for the report to generate. When the report is ready, an email will be created for you that contains the necessary information.
  • Send the report to us!

Note: If you have a version of Android prior to version 4.1.2, please email us a detailed description of what you were doing just prior to the crash, and what type of device you're using so we can look into it right away.