A2DP Compatibility Matrix

This is for reference only. The information on this page is no longer relevant. At the moment, on Android 4+, CALLER ID OVER BLUETOOTH does NOT work. Sorry.

Most, if not all, wireless headsets that support the A2DP Bluetooth profile, e.g. stream music, will work with our apps. The only feature of our apps that is hit or miss for some users is the Caller ID through Bluetooth functionality.

All other notifications, like email, calendar reminders, etc, will work with every headset listed below.

Here is a list of handset, headset and Android OS combinations that should help you determine if your particular headset is currently known to work with Caller ID through Bluetooth and Enhanced SMS & Caller ID. If you are having problems with a headset that is listed, please read our FAQ or contact us.

For information on configuring your device on Android 4+ to enable Caller ID through Bluetooth, please see view our FAQ item on Caller ID through Bluetooth on ICS.

Combinations working on Android 4+

If you have another combination that is not listed, please let us know.

Combinations working on Android 3 and below